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Tree Trimming

We at Des Moines Tree Service are fully trained for all tree trimming requirements. Our prices for this service are also affordable. Trees need to be trimmed to ensure the health of your tree, and also so that a tree does not become hazardous. Trimming of a tree needs to be done several times a year.

Why do trees need trimming?

Trimming should be done a few times a year to ensure trees are healthy. Cutting trees ensures that the branches and the limbs do not overgrow, because if this takes place it will result in an uneven distribution of weight. This makes the tree lopsided, which means the tree leans in one direction. Trimmed trees are healthier and more pleasing to the eye compared to untrimmed trees. You also give them a fair chance of a storm surviving when you trim the trees regularly. Trimming trees also helps to ensure that your home and garden get more sunshine.

Why choose us?

When Des Moines Tree Service comes to trim your trees we guarantee that you will be satisfied with all of our work. Our professionals are trained in tree trimming and therefore know exactly where to trim a tree. We also ensure that all work will be done safely and without damage to your property. We also clean up after our work is completed, so that your premises are left in a clean condition. By hiring us, you will know that professionals are handling the job and that we know how to trim trees to ensure that it remains healthy. We are also affordable and very dependable; your trees will be trimmed on time!                                                                                                                     

Our tree trimming methods

Des Moines Tree Service has the right tools for tree trimming; we also keep safety in mind, to prevent any injuries from occurring and to ensure that your property is not damaged. We do have a few methods when it comes to trimming trees. We will always inspect the trees thoroughly to determine if there are any dead or diseased branches that need to be removed. We then remove those branches and any others to ensure that there is even weight distribution. We will also then trim individual branches to help boost the tree and also to allow more sunlight through. After trimming the tree, we inspect it again to ensure that the tree is pleasing to look at and to ensure that the height and weight of the tree are now appropriate for the tree and its surroundings. After this, we will clean up and ensure that we remove all the branches and leaves from your property.


We understand that trimming your trees is maybe something you feel that you can do yourself to try and save costs, but it is advisable to allow the professionals to do the work as over-trimming of a tree could lead to a tree dying and eventually falling over. These fallen trees or trees that die will need to be removed from your property, which also costs you money. Also, you could hurt yourself which could lead to medical costs. Our prices do vary depending on some factors, but these will always be discussed with you. We do guarantee that our prices will be kept reasonable at all times.

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