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Tree Storm Damage Cleanup

We all know how bad a storm can be, and we can also know that a storm can happen during the day or night. Unfortunately, at times trees get damaged during a storm. Sometimes it will only be branches and leaves that will be scattered all over your premises, yet there are times that a tree has fallen over. If it falls on a building, then we consider this an emergency. We at Des Moines Tree Service are available during times of emergencies and we will come and assist you immediately once you have called us. We also offer a storm damage cleanup service, where we will come clean up your property and remove branches, leaves, and fallen trees for you.

Our Service

Storms can create a lot of mess, especially when it damages a tree. Your property can be left with fallen trees, broken branches, and leaves which can be a massive job to clean up. You can rather just call us and our team will efficiently clean up your entire property. We will make sure that any mess from trees is removed. This includes trees that have fallen over; we will safely remove the tree from a building if that is where it has fallen. We will cut the tree up and remove everything from your yard for you!

Benefits of hiring professionals

Des Moines Tree Service has professionals who know how to manage trees that have been damaged because of a storm. Our team knows how to safely lift trees off of buildings without causing further damage. We also have all the equipment and vehicles required to remove all parts of a tree, leaving you with a clean property. Our professionals will always provide you with excellent service while respecting you and your property. By hiring professionals you don't have to worry about doing the cleanup yourself, which could take you weeks. Also, if a tree has fallen and landed on a structure, it is always best to rather leave the work to people that know how to handle these situations and that know how to safely remove that fallen tree without causing any further damage to the building. All of this will save you money, time and prevent possible injuries to yourself.

How long do we take?

Our teams work efficiently to make sure that your property is thoroughly cleaned up. We try and complete the cleanup task in two days, but it can be longer depending on how much mess there is, and also if we need to remove a fallen tree from a building. Our work may take slightly longer if we need to trim or prune any trees that were damaged in the storm.                                                                                                                     


Unfortunately, if a fallen tree lands on a structure or a building you may be looking at repair costs, but if you are insured your insurance should cover all of this for you, including our costs. Our service for the storm damage cleanup is kept at a reasonable price and we always supply you with a quote beforehand.

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