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Tree Removal

Sometimes there is no other choice, a tree just has to be removed and when a tree needs to be removed, it is advisable to get a tree service company to do the job. Des Moines Tree Service safely removes trees for you at a reasonable price.

Why do trees need to be removed?

Sadly, as time goes on a tree does age and can become damaged, ill, or even die. When this happens a tree can become hazardous because they can no longer support themselves and can fall over, which can cause property damage and can even cause life-threatening injuries to humans. Des Moines Tree Service will safely cut down trees that need to be removed. We will also remove trees that have already fallen over. Another reason why a tree may need to be removed is that it is in an area that is going to be used for construction; we will also remove these trees for you. A tree may need to be removed because it is causing damage to a structure of a building.

Our work

We understand that removing trees can be extremely dangerous and that is why we recommend hiring professionals such as us at Des Moines Tree Service. We will always safely remove any tree by following some procedures. Our team will first inspect the tree that needs to be removed. A tree next to a building or home needs to be removed by being extra cautious, as we don't want any damage to the building. The area around the tree will always be cleared as best as possible so that when a tree is cut and comes down, it has space to come down safely and lay flat. Our professionals know exactly where to start cutting a tree, and as soon as they have cleared space, they will begin by cutting specific places on the tree. After a tree has been cut, we will remove branches and leaves, and then the trunk of the tree. We ensure that we clean up and that the tree is completely removed from your property.


Des Moines Tree Service will always supply our clients with a free quote. We offer affordable prices, which we are sure will satisfy you. Prices do vary depending on some factors such as; how big is the tree that we need to remove, and how many trees you need us to remove. We also offer stump removal but that will be at an additional cost.                                                                                                                 

Benefits to hiring us and removing trees

When you hire us to remove trees, you will always be guaranteed that we proceed safely to ensure no damage occurs to your property. By hiring us you know that all of the trees will be removed and that you won't have to worry about cleaning up your garden, because we do that for you! Removing trees is also beneficial to other trees, for instance when an ill tree is affecting the environment around it. Removing trees can also improve your home's looks by allowing more sunlight into your garden and house.

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