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Tree Pruning

Pruning of tree is generally a task that is done once a year. Pruning is done to remove diseased, dead, or dying branches that are affecting the rest of the tree. Pruning a tree is essential to a tree's overall health. We offer this service to our clients in Des Moines, Iowa at affordable prices.

Why prune trees

As we already know pruning is important to a tree's overall health. But, by pruning trees we can also shape them so that they look good. Our team will also remove rotten parts and branches to promote better tree health and tree growth, as the parts that are dead actually deplete the energy from a tree, and eventually, the entire tree will become ill and  will eventually  die. Proper pruning of a tree will make trees more attractive,  it will also improve your view of your garden and can make your yard safer. Corrective pruning of younger trees is done to get a proper shape and encourage growth. Pruning of trees removes branches that are too low or high branches that are hanging over structures like homes and buildings, which could cause damage if they die and fall off.

Can trees be pruned in winter?

You may be wondering about when can trees be pruned, and if they can be pruned in winter. At Des Moines Tree Service we believe that it is easier to prune trees in winter because it makes it easier to inspect the tree after all the leaves have fallen and the branches are bare. Winter pruning helps to better manage the spread of disease caused by fungi, insects, and parasites. Pruning a tree in winter will also ensure that in spring the tree will look fresh and healthy! Trees need to be pruned once a year, so pruning in winter is perfect. We can set up a schedule with you to make sure that once a year we come out in winter and prune all of your trees.                                                                                                                     

Why us?

Our professionals know how important it is to prune trees properly and how beneficial it is to trees. We also understand all types of trees and we always know what to look for in tree health. Des Moines Tree Service has experts who can handle all-sized projects. They are well trained to do their job safely. We also have all the necessary equipment for easier tree pruning. We will always ensure that you receive valuable tree pruning services at all times.


We will first come out to you, to inspect your trees that need pruning. From there we will discuss the health of your trees and decide on the best option to take. Expenses will depend on how many trees need pruning how big the trees are, and how much clean-up will be required after the tree pruning is completed. Tree pruning can be a difficult task but our team will ensure that the work is done perfectly and that you are satisfied with the service you received.

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