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Stump Removal

If you have a tree stump in your yard, you already know that it takes up so much space and when you mow your lawn that the tree stump obstructs the path. When you remove a stump from your yard, you free up so much valuable space! Now, you may be wondering if we offer this service; Des Moines Tree Service proudly offers stump removal at cheap prices!

How is a tree stump removed?

There are two ways that a tree stump can be removed and in this section, we will take a look at them. The first method is to dig out the tree stump which can be a lengthy process. With this method, we dig around the stump to reveal all of its roots, and then cut through them to allow you to push the stump out of the hole. The disadvantage of this method is that you are left with a big hole, which will need to be filled and then leveled. The second method is to grind the stump. We will first remove obstacles such as rocks around the stump, then we will use our machinery to gradually grind away at the stump. We will stop grinding when the stump is a few inches below the surface. We then level the area so that you can plant grass.

How long does it take?

Removing a tree stump can take some time, but with our skills and tools, we will be able to remove the stump fairly quickly. We prefer the grinding method as it goes faster. Depending on the size, grinding and removing a tree stump will take approximately one to five hours per tree stump that must be removed. Our team will work as quickly as possible to make sure the entire tree stump is removed and that your yard is clean when we leave.

Why hire us?

When you want to remove a tree stump it is advisable to get skilled people to do the work for you. Des Moines Tree Service will quickly and safely remove tree stumps for you. Our skilled staff members know how to remove tree stumps efficiently and at an affordable price. Hiring us means that you won't have to struggle on your own to remove a tree stump. Also if you attempt to remove the tree stump yourself, you could injury yourself; which will mean it will cost you extra in medical fees.


Des Moines Tree Services offers stump removal at prices that you can afford. Our prices are always kept as low as possible. But, we keep all of our services at a high standard, because our team will always make sure that they perform a quality service. Depending on the sizes of the stumps that need to be removed, we will quote you according to that. Also, more difficult stumps that are near a building will have to be removed carefully, which could take slightly longer, and therefore it will cost more. All our quotes are supplied to customers at no cost at all.

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