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Shrubs, Bushes, & Hedges

Many gardens have shrubs, bushes, and hedges in them, which can make a garden very beautiful. But, sometimes these shrubs, bushes, and hedges can become ugly and just too much! So, either they need to be cut back, trimmed, or completely removed. Des Moines Tree Service can advise you in what is the best solution for you and your garden. Our services for shrubs, bushes, and hedges are extremely cheap all year round!

When to remove

You may be thinking about removing shrubs, bushes, or hedges that are in your garden but you are not sure if that is the right thing to do. When we get a call from you, we will meet with you and take a look at your garden. From there we can all decide if we should remove these shrubs, bushes, or hedges. Usually, it is time to remove them when they are dead or because they are dying. We can also remove just a certain amount especially if there are just too many and they are taking over your entire garden! Removal of shrubs, bushes, and hedges when they are dead or dying also ensures that other plants in your garden are not affected, which can result in all your plants dying.

Trimming shrubs, bushes, and hedges

So just like trees we can also trim and prune shrubs, bushes, and hedges. By doing this we can return them to a more manageable state, where all they will need afterward is regular trimming and pruning. Properly trimmed shrubs, bushes, and hedges are also so much healthier and each year that they grow you can keep them trimmed into an attractive shape for your garden. Trimming away dead parts of these plants will always improve the look and the overall health

How often should shrubs, bushes, and hedges be trimmed or pruned?

Des Moines Tree Service recommends that shrubs, hedges, and bushes should be trimmed or pruned a few times a year. Our professionals know all the different types of bushes, shrubs, and hedges and they know when in the year they should be trimmed or pruned. Remember regular trimming will ensure the health of the plant and in many cases, pruning will restore the health of the plant. Together we can work out a schedule that suits you and your shrubs, bushes, and hedges. Well-maintained shrubs, bushes, and hedges can improve your garden's look tremendously.

Why hire us

Hiring professionals to either remove or trim your shrubs, bushes or hedges will save you a lot of time and frustration. Because these plants tend to be overgrown at times, it takes longer to remove or trim them. When you want them removed, you want to make sure that they never grow back, so that means the roots will have to be removed properly as well. This can be a huge job for you to handle. Trimming shrubs, bushes, or hedges can also be time-consuming and if you are not experienced you may not know how to trim so that you obtain an attractive shape. This can leave you feeling frustrated. Hiring a tree company such as Des Moines Tree Service will save you time and money and you will get the results that you are after.

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