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Are you standing and looking at your trees wondering who are you going to call to help you with your trees? Well, no need to stress! Just contact the best tree service near you which is Des Moines Tree Service!

We have a variety of services that are affordable and yet also carried out by professionals that ensure that our customers always get the best service in Des Moines, Iowa. So if you need any trees removed, trimmed, pruned or even a stump removed you can call us.

We always offer our clients a free quote before we do any work. Our services are the best and also the most affordable. So when you are looking for a cheap tree removal service, you can call Des Moines Tree Service. We also offer emergency tree services as well as storm damage cleanup.

Our teams are professionals that know how to handle any type of tree and they will always safely do so, ensuring that no one is injured and that no property is damaged. They are reliable, hardworking, and dependable; meaning that they will always arrive at your premises on time and ready to get to work!

Our services include tree removal, tree trimming, and pruning, stump removal, and maintenance on shrubs, bushes, and hedges. These are just a few of our services, but below you will find a list of all our tree services.

  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Storm Damage Clean-up
  • Shrubs, Bushes & Hedges
  • Stump Removal
workers cutting the tree
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